Residential Protection

CCTV Systems

Elecsec specialises in CCTV and Security Camera Systems, we can assist you with advice on the different types of camera options available and ideal positioning of the cameras to pickup blind spots or vulnerable access points on your property  or boundary. We provide training on how to playback recorded footage or how to use APP software for instant viewing or recordings.

Intruder (Burglar) Alarms

Elecsec can assist you with design, installation and annual maintenance/servicing of a new, upgraded or existing  intruder/burglar alarm system. We offer a no obligation site survey, so we can ensure and talk through the options to ensure the best protection and security solution is in place.

Door Entry & Access Systems

Elecsec can assist with residential Door Entry and Intercom systems, from single occupancy to multiple occupancy homes and buildings, ensures limited access to tenants and pre-authorised visitors only, with a door release button provided on the tenants handsets. The systems can be 1 or 2 way audio or include video so you can see who is there.