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Elecsec specialises in providing a cost-effective means of Scaffold Alarm intruder protection and sophisticated site alarm security, for the purpose of eliminating potential thefts or vandalism whilst buildings are undergoing renovation or repair.

All our alarms are produced by leading manufacturers and designed specifically for the purpose of outdoor intruder alarm detection with minimal risk of false activations.

  • Alarms are linked to a Central Monitoring Station that alerts Key Holders and Security Patrol;
  • Movement and Heat sensors create a harmless beamed detection zone which immediately triggers the alarm when entered, and which after a specified time will automatically reset and re-arm;
  • All events are recorded, showing time, date and cause of signal, and a tamper alarm remains active when the system is suspended during working hours which will trigger the alarm if the panel or cables are in any way interfered with;
  • 24hr monitoring through the use of GPS, eliminating the need for outside telephone lines.

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